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Gourock, OO, uk
About me:
I may be a grumpi, boring old burd now but I used to fly gliders and have driven the Goodwood racing circuit more than once (at private meets, not races). Independant travel was high on my agenda in my younger days and I've yomped through Indian jungles, visited animist priestesses (to cure my fear of snakes) and crawled through the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam as well as seeing Cuba's shrine to the heroes of the revolution in Santa Clara. Now however I spend my days walking the dog, reading, cooking, eating (unfortunately) and caring for my two elderly Saabs.  I read voraciously, am far too interested in food, spend most of my pocket money on vintage guerlain and am a confirmed francophile.  I do manage to squeeze in a few days work (only) a week which is very nice.  
Favorite Books:
Iain Banks The Wasp FactoryZola's Nana and The Belly of ParisAll of Collete's especially CherieRonald Frame's Permanent Violet and Underwood and AfterIan Rankin's RebusHenning Mankells' Wallander seriesStieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy

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